“My father is a custom home builder out of state and he recommended we use Aaron Walton to build our home here in Houston.  We feel like Aaron went all out and above and beyond to build us a beautiful home.  My father has since visited and always compliments the work that Aaron and team have done.

During construction we faced delays from Mother Nature, but Aaron kept us informed and did everything to keep things moving.  We really feel like the communication was exceptional; on top of being very clear & open about the construction, Aaron was also a great listener.  We feel like we had more than a builder but also a trusted resource in all matters from build to design who had great taste throughout.

Aaron Walton took our plan and made our dream home a reality and we would recommend him to anyone looking to build in the greater Houston area.”

Cassandra Lewellyn

“We built our fourth custom home using Stillwater Builders and this home was by far the best quality.  Having built custom homes before, I can truly say their attention to detail and expert workmanship is unparalleled in the industry.  Being a stickler for detail, I was impressed that Stillwater Builders did daily quality inspections, identified and often fixed details before I was even aware of them, and ALWAYS answered the phone for my questions and concerns.

We financed our own construction and our lender was impressed by the accuracy and level of detail of the quotes and that the project stayed within budget.  Just another reason we recommend Stillwater Builders to anyone wanting to build their dream home.

Stillwater Builders is the best in the business, and we would not build another home in Houston without them.”

Russell Terry Houston, TX